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#14 Why Content Marketing Is So Essential In The Next 12 Months - With Olivia Murphy

Listen now to learn the following:

– How big brands are handling content marketing and how smaller companies can copy their success
– What content to post that grows trust with an audience and grabs customers
– What kind of content increases engagement
– The dangers of not being active with content marketing
– Examples of successful content campaigns

#13 Growing your business through long-term marketing strategies - With Becca Fadden

Listen now to learn the following:

– How thinking ‘short term’ with your campaigns will cost you sales in the long run
– Examples of how a 12 month strategy can be set up
– How to grow a recognisable and trusted brand
– How to properly schedule a campaign for better results
– How to plan your marketing time management

#12 Five ways that consistency in your brand can improve sales - With Adam Gee and Charlie Coakley

Listen now to learn the following:

– How to have a more memorable brand
– Examples of big mistakes made by big brands
– How to increase sales for free
– How regularly you need to be sending marketing to people
– Using influencers & partners correctly in your marketing
– How to make your audience trust you more than the competition
– Why you need to produce brand guidelines asap
– What customers want from your marketing

#11 Five ways to improve your copywriting skills - With Stephen Vaughan

Listen now to learn the following:

– What messages / wording gets RESULTS from your marketing
– How to prepare and research properly before writing anything
– How to save time while writing better content
– How to avoid distractions and focus on your marketing
– Effective time management for producing your marketing copy
– How to get into a more creative head space (even if you are not creative)
– How to avoid boring, bland marketing copy

#10 How to bring in more customers using Pinterest - With Lynsey Vergauwe

Listen now to learn the following:

– How to use Pinterest effectively in your marketing campaigns
– How Pinterest can even more effective that Facebook, Instagram or Twitter
– Ways to encourage customers to ‘pin’ your images to their Pinterest boards
– What industries HAVE to be using Pinterest or they will be left behind by the competition
– How Pinterest can help you be found in Google image searches

#9 Four big brands doing social media marketing right - With Cassie Walker

Listen now to learn the following:

– What content can make your customers do your selling for you
– How to make customers choose you over the competition because of your social media
– What type of posts does your audience actually WANT
– What messages are people forgetting to put forward but makes a HUGE difference when it comes to sales
– What type of tone and personality you should put into your posts to be memorable
– What ratio of promotional posts to helpful content you should be doing

#8 Essential strategies for improving your website - With Robert Russell

Listen now to learn the following:

– What Google wants from your new website in 2020/21
– Common mistakes that people make when re-designing your website
– How to convince more people to contact you / leave their contact details
– The importance of mobile / responsive websites
– What puts websites visitors off / makes them leave your website without having a proper look around
– How copying your competitors is costing you money
– What planning you need to do to BEFORE starting your design to get more results

#7 What to expect if you are starting a career in marketing - With Olivia Murphy

Listen now to learn the following:

– The more unglamorous realities of working in a agency
– How to prepare for a career in marketing
– What type of characteristics is required by a successful marketer
– What to expect from working with clients
– How to get job satisfaction from the role
– How to prepare for an interview at an agency
– What training to do before starting at an agency
– What it is like to work at Yellow Marketing
– How university isn’t the only avenue into starting a career in marketing

#6 How to improve your success with social media marketing - With Cassie Walker

Listen now to learn the following:

– The myths of social media marketing
– How to increase engagement with your following
– What free software to use to help save you time on social media
– Types of effective content to post
– How often and when to post your best content
– How to use hashtags effectively
– Examples of people using social media well
– The best ways to communicate with people on social media
– The research you can do to make a huge difference to your social campaigns
– How much time you need to spend on social media marketing

#5 Improving your branding to bring in more customers - With Adam Gee & Charlie Coakley

Listen to find out the following:

– How to get the best out of designers (in-house and external)
– Why certain types of adverts get more conversions
– Things to keep in mind if you are trying to produce designs personally
– Why it is so important to have a detailed brief
– The importance of good bespoke photography
– Why having brand guidelines are so important
– What to include in your designs to make them more effective
– How to stand out from the competition
– How to meet deadlines
– How to produce more innovative designs in your marketing
– How to get the right kind of feedback
– How to improve the copywriting that goes onto your designs.

#4 Five ways to get more results from your Google Advertising - With Robert Russell

Listen to find out the following:

– How to save money on your Google campaigns
– Planning PPC campaigns correctly
– The mistakes most people make on Google Ads
– Introducing targets and goals in your campaigns
– Doing the right keyword research and improving on going
– How to be found for search terms you never thought of
– Using broad match modifiers
– How to be found in the RIGHT searches
– How to improve results as campaigns go on an on
– How bidding strategies have changed
– How Google decides who go into the top of searches

#3 Five strategies for effective marketing on a budget - With Becca Fadden

Listen to find out the following:

– How to save money on advertising
– How to make customers come back more often
– How to plan your campaigns more effectively
– How often you should be sending out content to be effective
– The most effective platforms to use on a budget
– What type of content you should be sending out
– How to be more trusted then your competition
– How to get more traffic from social media

#2 Three strategies to improve your PR success - With Lynsey Vergauwe

Listen to find out the following:

– Examples of PR campaigns that have been successful
– How to plan your PR effectively
– How to contact journalists effectively
– How PR can change your business overnight with the right stories
– What events you can put on to attract customers
– What PR strategies can work in all  industries
– Common mistakes to avoid in PR campaigns

#1 Four marketing mistakes to avoid - With Stephen Vaughan

Listen to find out the following:

– What are the common mistakes that are ruining your conversion rates
– How to plan the message of your campaign to suit your audience
– How to choose  a tone that customers engage with 
– What quick fixes to your current marketing could make a HUGE difference to your results
– Why you need to split audiences that you are targeting
– How to produce campaigns faster AND be more effective