Remember we offer a package to set up your 60 day marketing campaign. Including the following....

1. A hour long 1-2-1 video session with David Roberts – Dave can review all your marketing, help you plan your marketing campaigns personally and give you extra training on any area of marketing you require.

2. Website Audit – Our experts will conduct a full review of your website, make a list of amendments required to increase your conversion rate AND make all changes for you.

3. Set up your Google ads – Set up your Google account (or audit your current account), produce 3 effective campaigns with up to 4 ads in each and 1 hour long training session afterwards for on going management.

4. Set up live chat on your website – Adding the code required into your website and provide 30-minute training to your team on how to use Tawk as a live chat system.

5. Remarketing – We will set up the code required on your website (Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn etc) to grow a remarketing list of website visitors & design 2 ads for you.

6. Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn targeted ads – We will write your copy, add custom audiences and target specific target audiences (2 ads max on each platform).

7. Facebook bot sequence – We can write and automate a full Facebook bot conversation with up to 20 responses / answers.

8. 2 blogs for your website – We will research and write 2 blogs / articles for your website on any subject you prefer (that can be used in email, social, as a press release etc).

9. YouTube ads – If you already have video, we can produce YouTube ads aimed at your niche target audiences (up to 10 ads)

10. Set up Google Analytics – We will set up analytics on your website so we can test and measure marketing going forward.

11. Email journey – Write and schedule a 20-email campaign – 18 text based, 2 graphic based.

  • Email 1 – Who we are and why you should listen to us
  • Email 2 – Here is some helpful information that will save you money or time.
  • Email 3 – Subject – The #1 most important thing for XXX’
  • Email 4 – Why you should trust us
  • Email 5 – Success story – Subject EG – ‘300 leads in just 2 days’
  • Email 6 – Newsletter – a variety of stories that gets them to know the team & experts behind the business
  • Email 7 (Introduction to launch) – Get on the priority email list for next weeks launch
  • Email 8 – You are still not on the list
  • Email 9 – Tomorrow is the launch, don’t miss out & get on the list!
  • Email 10 – Launch email (ideally with video) explaining offer
  • Email 11– You still haven’t read the email / seen the video – why not?
  • Email 12 – Here is another reason why you need to read the email / watch the video
  • Email 13 – We know you are busy but you are going to miss out and it only takes XX to read / watch
  • Email 14 – Explaining incoming deadline to offer.
  • Email 15 – Reminder of incoming deadline to offer
  • Email 16, 17, 18  – Daily emails, counting down to deadline
  • Email 19 & 20 – SAME DAY – Ends today.


You can get all of the below for just 4 payments of £475 & vat and everything will be completed in 60 days.


Here's a second opinion...

“Our recent promotion resulted in the best two weeks the website has seen in terms of sales transactions and revenue thanks to Yellow.”
Jane Jackson
One strategy resulted in £13,000 of sales in just 4 days!”
David Ratcliff
“Yellow are fantastic to work with from start to finish.”
Dale Hughes
Hoya Lens UK
“Since working with the Yellow, our sales have gone up by 20%!"
Paul Dodd
SPL International