find out how we can revolutionise The way you bring in customers for FREE.

We already offer more marketing services than anyone can offer at a price no one can match, but to prove even further how we can dramatically increase awareness for your company, we are going to let 10 companies trial the Yellow Marketing Programme for a month for FREE.


find out how we can revolutionise The way you bring in customers for FREE.

We already offer more marketing services than anyone can offer at a price no one can match, but to prove even further how we can dramatically increase awareness for your company, we are going to let 10 companies trial the Yellow Marketing Programme for a month for FREE.

"Our online presence has improved massively, with social engagement, website traffic and customer numbers all rising.”
Vish Ravrani
“I would highly recommend Yellow Marketing as they have transformed our marketing in a matter of months.!”
Adam Wood
Advantage investment
“Our campaign made £136,153 from just £3707 ad spend”
Pedro Sims
37GS Residences

Why are we offering a free trial of the yellow marketing programme to 10 companies?

The Yellow Marketing Programme offers a full marketing, social, design, content, web and video department for a monthly cost that is less than hiring a marketing executive in-house.

So when clients come on board, they obviously get excited about being able to have so many marketing experts at their beck and call for the first time, but the danger of that is some really push for any old marketing to just go live as soon as possible without taking the time to plan out a effective strategy first.

We pride ourselves on helping our clients grow through innovative, high converting work.  Marketing is like everything, if you rush it… the quality and results will be lacklustre. You have to take the time to work out a original, effective and innovative strategy to earn impressive results.

However, we are not saying months and months of preparation is required. A single month of the right pre-production work can results in HUGE results. Its all we need.

But we understand how paying a months fee for research , planning and development isn’t exciting – but this groundwork is essential.

So we are willing to offer the initial ‘set up and strategy’ month for free. With no commitment to continue if you feel we are not the right fit.

What do you get on the free trial?

We will essentially deliver what we usually charge for the first month of working together. To develop your strategy and set up your platforms.

Month 1 on the Yellow Marketing Programme looks like this…

  • Weekly creative and feedback meetings – An initial meeting to go over your requirements and weekly meetings to discuss our ideas and progress.
  • Develop a strategy and write a campaign plan – We develop ideas and work out a schedule for producing your first marketing campaign
  • Design of brand moodboard – Our designers put together mock ups for your social media, email marketing, print marketing, web banners etc to show the most innovative designs to use for your brand moving forward.
  • We produce a website audit – Our web experts put together a report on amendments we would like to make to your website to improve conversions and search engine optimisation.
  • We produce a social media plan – built around improving engagement, brand awareness and traffic to your website.
  • Competitor / Industry research – We carry out competitor research to work out gaps in market and opportunities to replicate
  • Digital / pay per click adverting review & plan (Google, Social media etc. ) Our PPC experts review and produce an optimised plan for your ad campaigns. 
  • Video marketing plan – we work out the plan for how you can use video across all your campaigns.

To clarify a few things...

  • No commitments – If after month one you decide you don’t want to continue on the marketing programme, we can go our separate ways. If you decide to go ahead from month 2, there is then a small commitment to continue but only a three month one. Its 30 days cancellation terms after that.
  • Will you be putting ads live / sending emails / posting on social etc month 1? No.  This first month is about getting your strategy right. So we can have EFFECTIVE ads live, website changes made, social content posted, emails sent, designed produced etc week 1 of month 2.
  • Who can apply for the trial of the YMP? There is obviously a criteria as we clearly need to keep spaces open for the type of companies that would benefit from the YMP long term. So we have to avoid companies who are completely new to marketing or doesn’t have the budget for it. So….No start ups sorry. You will already be doing some marketing already (rather than us starting completely from scratch which takes more than a month to get going). You must already have a lead / customer email list / spreadsheet. You must have already been spending money on digital advertising (but it doesn’t have to be a huge budget). You have a website that is mobile responsive and been professionally made. You have to be available for weekly 30 minute meeting and when we provide work you (or one of your team) has to be able to provide feedback within around 48 hours. We also need to work with a manager / business owner for the free trial instead of someone like a marketing executive below you – the person we work / meet with has to be the person who can decide if we stay on for month 2 or not (however if you can continue into month 2 onwards, we can work with anyone in your team as we have proven to you what we can do at that point).
  • How may people will  you offer the free trial to? 10 companies only for the first test of the trial. Contact to ask how many spaces are currently available.
  • How can I apply for the free trial? Please fill out the form at the bottom of this page and a member of our team will get back to you to about your application.

What do you get on Yellow Marketing Programme if you stay on Month 2 onwards?

You will get the following on the Yellow Marketing Programme after your free trial...

Design & Branding

Our graphic designers can produce multiple designs each month for your advertising, websites, social media or whatever you need!

Video Production & Photography

All our programme clients get a day of filming with our video crew (worth £2400) and we then take that footage and make monthly videos / reels / clips from that footage along with graphics and stock imagery for anything we couldn’t film.

Website Development & Management

We manage and improve your website each month. Working on improving design, SEO and conversion rate.

Digital Advertising

We take care of all your targets paid advertising on Google, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube and more. Working to your budget to get the most satisfying ROI possible.

Social Media Management

We post engaging content twice a week on your profiles and we look after your targeted pay per click advertising on the platforms too!

Email Marketing

We design, write and send weekly email marketing to your customers and leads.

Content marketing & Thought leadership

We write blogs to add to your website each month to help show you as THE expert in the industry as well as helping with your search engine optimisation to push you up Google results.

Design of your printed materials

We can design regular brochures, leaflets and printed materials, and help manage the delivery with your printer.

And much more - You get a full marketing DEPARTMENT to take care of all your campaigns each month.

Apply for your free Trial on the YELLOW MARKETING PROGRAMME...

We appreciate everybody’s answer will be different, we just want to collect as much information as possible to see if you are eligible for a free trial. Its perfectly ok to answer ‘no’ in a box below if you are not doing something (it doesn’t mean you will definitely not be eligible) – it just helps us understand where you are up to with marketing.