Never use a marketing agency again. We can teach you how to revolutionise your marketing yourselves!

Our mentor scheme provides weekly training sessions in a variety of marketing subjects to help turn you into marketing experts. All provided by our in-house specialists. If anytime in the first month you are not happy with the training, we will give you your money back!

how does it work?



Choose your weekly training session with one of our specialists below.



Have a bespoke training session with one of our specialists, bespoke to your business.



We provide you with checklists to use as a process for you and your team afterwards.

Check out the training sessions You can choose from (along with prices at bottom of the page)...

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The New Rules of Marketing

This is usually the first session we ask you to do as the concepts and themes run into every other session. Essentially, we go through the new rules of marketing you HAVE to know.

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Facebook & Instagram Ads

We can help you set up an account, improve ads and stay up-to-date with the latest trends and changes in Facebook's advertising platform.


Facebook Management

We will take you through the types of content you can post in your business to improve engagement, traffic to your website and ultimately, leads / sales.


Google search Ads

We will explain how to make the most of your text ads at the top and bottom of Google search results by reaching your target audience and growing traffic to your website.

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Google Shopping Ads

We explain the best practices for shopping ads and how to improve results by continually monitoring and optimizing your campaigns.

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Tik Tok

We go over the latest trends on Tik Tok and discuss the perfect types of videos for reaching your audience on the Tik Tok platform.


Filming Videos

Our film crew can go through the most effective ways to organise shoots, the equipment to use, how to light your shots and how to set up effective sound recording without big budgets.


Instagram Management

Our social media executives will take you through what content to post to both grow your following and to increase engagement with your audience.

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LinkedIn Ads

Our digital executives can take you through how to use the advertising platform on LinkedIn more effectively and to target the right job titles, management level and business size with effective ads.

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LinkedIn Management

Our team will explain how to use LinkedIn as an effective networking tool to start conversations with your target audience and be known as a 'thought leader' in your industry.

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Copywriting for success

Using the right message can revolutionise your marketing overnight. People are often too busy fixing their brand design that they forget that it is the wording that sells your service. We can show you how.


WordPress Development

If you have a WordPress website (or you are thinking of building one) and would like to learn how to use the platform to produce and manage your own websites, we can provide a tutorial on the platform.


Graphic Design for Digital

We can provide you with guidelines for producing innovative visual digital branding and take you through some software to help you design things easily.


Graphic Design For Print

We can also take you through the process of designing effective printed materials and work with printers to get the highest quality prints.

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Video Editing

We can teach you the fundamentals of video editing to produce exciting videos for your marketing and teach you how to use industry leading free software such as DaVinci Resolve


Google Analytics

We will show you how to track traffic and conversions on your website. We will also show you how to analyse the content on your individual pages to improve and split test your content to ultimately raise conversions.

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Email Marketing

We can teach you how email marketing is still one of the most effective sales tools in 2023, provide ideas for campaigns and go over what software to use in your campaigns.

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Direct Mail

We can show you how direct mail can provide a fantastic return on your investment and stand out when everyone else is competing in the digital noise.


Content Marketing

Our team will show you how content marketing can position you as a leader in your industry, help your sales process and we can go through how to write effective blogs / articles / videos.

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Search Engine Optimisation

We can show you the work you need to do to your website (both on page and in the back end of your website) to improve your position in search results.

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Using AI in your marketing

We can show you how marketers are using AI as a way to save them time, generate ideas and improve content on a variety of platforms.


Product Photography

Our photographers will give you a tutorial on how to set up 'mini studio' and light your products well while taking innovate imagery that sells.

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Portrait Photography

We can teach you effective techniques for taking beautiful portrait photography without needing expensive equipment or lighting.


Twitter Management

We can work through the latest ways of building a brand on Twitter by providing industry news and updates that engages your target audience.


Time Management

Effective marketing takes a LOT of time to execute properly. We can take you through the processes, software and techniques that has helped us deliver over 1000 marketing projects.

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Idea Generation

It's hard to sit down and come up with an innovative idea out of thin air. We'll go through the techniques we use as an agency to build campaigns and innovative imagery.


Press releases

We can teach you how to write and distribute effective press releases that help spread awareness of your company in the media.


Bespoke Q&A

If instead of receiving training on one particular subject, we can instead have a bespoke session where we go through your specific problems for the week and see if we can resolve them for you.

adobe illustrator

Adobe Illustrator

If you are looking to produce more marketing materials we can teach you the basics of Adobe illustrator.

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Adobe Premiere

If you are looking to learn how to edit videos on adobe premiere, we can give you a tutorial on the basics of the plan form so you can edit videos with ease.


Adobe Photoshop

If you are looking to edit and manipulate images, we can provide you with an instructional session on the basics of Photoshop.

adobe indesign

Adobe Indesign

Adobe InDesign is a platform for publishing and page layout design (brochures, magazines etc). If you would like a training session on InDesign, we'd be happy to help.

"our online presence has improved massively, with social engagement, website traffic and customer numbers all rising.”
Vish Ravrani
harrold opticians
“We learned more in 3 hours with Yellow than we had across the last year working in the industry!”
Alissa Austin
Blacksheep marketing
“Our Google campaigns were so effective we made £15,000 from a campaign that cost us £200”
Ann Kerr


Some frequently Asked Questions...


Is this 1-2-1 or can you train my whole team?

Both. We can work with the single marketer in your business or your whole marketing department.

Is this for beginners only?

No – we determine your level of skill in the subject and change the training accordingly to suit your level. So yes there will be basics for beginners but also advanced for more experienced marketers. 

How long is each session and how often are they?

You will have an hour training session each week. Your first session will be 2 hours.

Where does the training take place?

You can either come to our office with a team of up to 5 people or we can do it over video call.

What if I already have someone in house training our team?

Then who is training them? Even experienced managers need to get up to speed with the latest techniques to pass on that information to your team and it is very rare that anyone is an expert in ALL of the above (its why your training will be with specialist who does this every day in our office rather than one person juggling all of them)

Can I choose from any of the above?

Yes, you just book it in the week before so we can prepare (once you book the training in you cant change ‘subjects’ as we’ve booked in the member of the team to help). Your first session will be 2 hours as we want to do a session on the new rules of marketing in 2023 (as this bleeds into everything that we do after) followed by a session you choose.

Does the same person in our team have to get training each week?

No. If you want different team members to learn different subjects each week thats fine!

Can I have multiple training sessions on the same subject?

Yes. This happens a lot. We often treat the first session as the basics (unless you let us know your current experience is more advanced)

Is each session ‘Death by Powerpoint’ where someone just goes through a slideshow?

No. We want you to ask specific questions to the particular problems in your business or give us details on a particular idea on the subject and we can give you advice tailored to it and our experience on what has worked previously for clients. If your team show up uninterested without questions…then yes it probably will have to. But that’s on them and we may have to have a discussion afterwards for you to give your team a kick up the backside! The more you put into this, the more you get out of it.

Why are you different to training ‘gurus’ offering marketing training?

We actually DO this stuff everyday. Our advice is practical and based on daily experience of actually PRODUCING campaigns for our clients – not something we just learnt after buying a course from another guru after seeing an ad (which is what a lot of these ‘one man band’ marketing experts do). Training is about 25% of our business. The rest is production of campaigns for Global brands to small one-person SME’s. We can provide you the secrets of our clients success.

Are these sessions just sales pitches for your other services?

You will never be ‘upselled’ to in these sessions. We will obviously become your first point of call if you need extra help, but this is about training you to handle your marketing yourself. Plus… there wont be any time during a jam-packed 60 minute session!

What is the contract length?

There is a 6-month period commitment, just  so we know you are serious about developing your team and turning them into marketing experts (it doesn’t happen overnight). However, if you are unsatisfied in your first month, we will give your money back and let you out of the agreement.

How many clients to do you work with on the programme?

We are only going to be working with 15 clients at a time on the programme to keep quality at a high standard and for our in house team to not be spread too thin.

What if I’m unhappy with the training?

If you are unhappy with the service in month 1 we will give you your money back and part ways with no hard feelings.




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