Partnership programme

Apply to be part of the Marketing Partnership Programme...

As we are taking on all the risk of this partnership, we are looking for the following criteria with our partners, to ensure trust, transparency and easy collaboration:

  • Ability to be transparent with results if requested (CRM Systems access, website reporting, accounts, cc’ing us in on client receipts etc) 
  • An understanding of your current sales processes and results
  • Access to an advertising budget
  • Availability for a minimum of monthly meetings (over video is fine)
  • Ability to respond to communications within 48 hours (unless previously warned of holidays etc)
  • Our one point of contact is the business owner or a member of the senior management – we need decisions made quickly with full authority
  • As much detail as possible in this application to show your dedication to the partnership.
THERE IS NO COMMITMENT OR OBLIGATIONS WITH THIS APPLICATION – we take all applications and work out a shortlist of successful partners. We then approach these companies with an offer of percentages we would require to manage your campaigns. If you are happy with the percentage, you can be one of the 5 companies we will initially be partnering with.
All details provided will be confidential and never shared under any circumstances.

We will be contacting you with an info pack which includes details and costs of the Yellow Marketing Programme and we may follow up to see if you received it or had any questions about how we can help. Yellow take data protection and privacy very seriously and never passes details to external organisations. For more details on how we store data, please check out our Privacy and Data Protection Policy