Helping improve Recruitment & Communication within your team

Yellow Marketing are experts in digital recruitment campaigns, producing content to improve morale within your team and building assets to help improve in-house training.


Included #1 - A video series showing the values, processes and operations of your brand.

Our in-house film crew will plan, film and edit high-end videos to communicate your message to your team. Perfect for recruitment, inductions, marketing, events, training and websites.

Examples below…

Included #2 - Design of internal documents for staff

We can help with document / asset design, including brochures, handouts, training manuals, Powerpoint presentations, printed materials and more.

Examples below…

Included #3 - Recruitment Advertising Campaigns

We can produce digital advertising targeted at demographics with specific job titles and qualifications over LinkedIn, Facebook, Instagram and Google.

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Included #4 - Development of your current website to include more recruitment / training content or produce a mini website separately - purely for recruitment, training and staff news.

Our in-house web designers will produce any website updates or even produce a a brand new website for you from scratch.

Examples below…

What else is included?

All work includes unlimited usage / copyright for you

What are the typical services that will also be at your disposal for internal communications? (All designed, written and managed in house at Yellow)

  • Branding / Guidelines
  • Photography
  • Social media content & stories
  • PR / Press releases
  • YouTube marketing (channel optimisation & advertising)
  • And More! (Contact us to discuss any specific extra services not listed)

1000+ projects completed for clients such as...


How much support would we get from Yellow?

You can purchase 100 hours from our creative team and you can choose services from all of our departments – Strategy / idea generation, digital marketing, video, design, social media, pay per click advertising, copywriting, photography, web development, SEO and more!

How long do things take?

Video production tends to take the longest and can be around 30 hours for a day of filming and editing a series of videos. There isn’t much else that takes more than a few hours (but when you have a project, you just need to get in touch and we will let you know how long it will take and if you are happy with the hours quoted we will get started and let you know when to expect it!)

Are there any long term contracts?

No. Once you run out of hours, you can simply ‘top up’ but there is no obligation to.

Is there a time limit to use these 100 hours?

No. They can all be used in a couple of months or spread out over a year or more. Its really up to you how often you use those hours. 

Do you also help with strategy and idea generation if we do not have time to put a brief together?
Of course. We will also be regularly recommending ideas for content and design that could be produced in the remaining hours you have left.
What is the answer to the ultimate question of life, the universe and Everything?


Or call 0151 427 2900 and ask for our Business Development Manager Andy to discuss bespoke packages to suit your needs.