How to attract customers using Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram

In this intense 60 minute masterclass for both B2B & B2C companies, Yellow Marketing MD David Roberts explains the secrets, processes and marketing strategies that companies are using to bring in more customers using social media – This essential webinar will explain the most successful elements from over 1000 marketing projects.

Learn how to grow your business using social media strategies we learnt from working with leaders in every industry.

In this 60 minute webinar masterclass (hosted by Yellow Marketing MD David Roberts) you will learn:
  • What content to post on social media to convert more customers
  • How to grow your following with QUALITY followers  (people that could actually become customers!)
  • How an industry-leading brand improves marketing results
  • How to have effective social marketing without it taking up too much of your time
  • How to attract people on social media who are not following you.

Who are Yellow Marketing?

Yellow Marketing have produced over 1000 marketing projects for customers such as Argos, Jaguar, Land Rover, DHL, Persil, Aldi and a variety of small businesses in every industry.

We are a marketing agency that works on marketing, social media, pay per click advertising, graphic design, video marketing, email, direct mail and more for our clients EVERY DAY (rather than these ‘gurus’ who just sell training and dont actually DO this stuff with companies like yours), so this training is full of secrets we have learnt through actual marketing experience and trial and error.

The team put this plan / training together from what marketing has been working effectively for our clients during the pandemic.

The training is hosted by David Roberts – Yellow Managing Director.

"our online presence has improved massively, with social engagement, website traffic and customer numbers all rising.”
Vish Ravrani
harrold opticians
“We learned more in one session with Yellow than we had across the last year working in the industry!”
Alissa Austin
Blacksheep marketing
“Our Google campaigns were so effective we made £15,000 from a campaign that cost us £200”
Ann Kerr