Improve parental engagement and promote the success of your School through VIDEO.

Does the local community want to see more of the amazing work you are doing at the school?
Yellow Marketing’s camera crew help schools like yours PROVE the success of your teaching through video.

Take our client Gateways Schools for example - We produced a variety of videos to show the quality of the support, facilities and opportunities available at the school. From a single day of filming you can get several videos like this (but bespoke to you)...

Above: Sixth Formers talk about their experience at the school and how its made a difference to their lives.
Above: A video promoting the early years department of Gateways school.
Above: Students talking through the journey at Gateways from Early Years to High School.
Above: A single student talks about how she has developed as a person at the school (these are often a series with multiple students having their own video)

These videos are added to the school website, social media, emails, digital prospectus and more to improve engagement from parents, staff and governors.

Or you can see more examples from other schools below.


What's included in our Video Production Package for Schools?

Pre-Production – Organising shoots

We can help come up with ideas for your videos, write the script, contact interviewees to talk them through the filming process and create schedules. We don’t want video to add to your workload so we’ll take care of organising it all for you for no extra cost!

Production – Filming

There will be a 2 man crew on the day of filming at your school who have filmed in over 100 schools.

Production – Stills photography

To accompany the videos, we also take high quality stills photography of each area we film in too. So you can have a library of vibrant images to use in your marketing.

Production – Drone filming

On each day of filming that the camera crew are there, we also include a licensed drone pilot for recording stylish images of your school from the air. This will be depending on if drone usage in your area is allowed by law.

Post production – Editing

Our in house editors take care of full editing for you – Visuals and sound. Once we have edited a full draft of your videos, we send you the film and then we offer 1 free re-edit for one list of changes you require to get the film just as you want it.

Post production – Music

The film will include music to help the film flow. There will be no copyright issues as the music is licensed to ourselves which mean our clients are too.

Post production – Graphics of your branding

During editing we will also provide motion graphics of your logo, messages and contact details – as well as graphical information throughout the film should you need it.

Post production – Formats

We will provide hi-resolution versions of the video to download via link.


If you order a video before September 29th (your shoot can obviously be afterwards) we can provide one of these amazing services too for FREE!

OPTION 1 – FREE website worth £2400

Designed and managed by our in house web developers. The brand new stylish website can be completed in 6 weeks (if we get feedback within 48 hours of asking for it).

OPTION 2 – Design of prospectus / annual report document

If you would like your prospectus to have a fresh new design or if you need to design an annual report we can provide one, designed and managed by our in-house designers. You just have to provide the written messages inside and the printing.


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