Unlocking Social Media Success

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As we navigate 2024, understanding social media trends is vital for staying ahead. Hootsuite’s Social Trends 2024 Report offers key insights into maximising ROI through social platforms.


Here are the highlights:

  1. Top Metrics for Measuring ROI:
    • Engagement (69%)
    • Time spent on site/app (51%)
    • Leads (49%)
  2. Entertaining Content is Key:
    • Engaging, entertaining content builds brand awareness and long-term relationships.
  3. Authenticity Matters:
    • 56% of consumers want brands to be more relatable on social media.

Strategies for Success

  • Embrace Entertainment: Move beyond traditional content to captivate your audience.
  • Be Relatable: Humanise your brand to foster connections.
  • Focus on Relationships: Build deeper connections rather than just driving sales.


In today’s dynamic digital landscape, demonstrating the return on investment (ROI) from social media activities is crucial for brands. According to the Hootsuite Social Trends 2024 Survey, the top metrics organisations use to gauge social media ROI include engagement (69%), time spent on site/app (51%), and leads (49%). However, focusing solely on these metrics without considering the content’s nature can limit your long-term success.


The Shift Towards Entertaining Content

2024 marks a pivotal year for social media strategies. Brands that prioritise entertaining content are set to outperform those sticking to conventional approaches. Engaging, entertaining content fosters brand awareness, affinity, and long-term relationships. It’s not just about humour; inspiration, excitement, and educational content can also captivate your audience.


Authenticity and Relatability

A significant 56% of consumers believe brands should be more relatable on social media. This means shedding the all-important, super-serious brand persona and embracing a more human approach. Social media thrives on interaction, not one-sided communication.


Beyond Sales: Building Relationships

While social commerce is booming, focusing solely on sales can turn social media into a short-term demand-generation tool. Instead, use social platforms to create meaningful connections and customer relationships. This slow-burn approach may take time but promises more substantial long-term ROI.



  1. Follow Your Audience’s Lead: Use social listening and direct engagement.
  2. Play the Long Game: Prioritise building brand equity over immediate sales.
  3. Make Relationships the Foundation: Align social efforts with broader business goals.

By integrating these strategies, brands can transform their social media presence into a powerful engine for growth and customer loyalty.

For more detailed insights, check out the full Hootsuite Social Trends 2024 Report.



Social media success hinges on engaging, relatable, and entertaining content that builds authentic relationships. By prioritising your audience’s needs and continuously evolving your strategies, you can maximise the ROI of your social media efforts. Remember, social media is a space for meaningful interactions, not just transactions.