How to get better results from your website

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If you want to find out how to get better results from your website,  Yellow Marketing have an initial checklist we use as the starting points for improving the performance of sites.

It is simple – be honest with yourself and answer the questions below.

The Web Conversion Checklist…

If I just changed the name & branding could a competitor actually use it? Competitors in all industries are always putting the same old thing, ‘Great customer service, great value for money, fast turnaround, BLAH BLAH BLAH’. Talk about what areas of your business that your competitors cant keep up with you with. That is what makes people decide to buy from you. Watch a video about this here.

Are all the benefits of your services / products explained quickly? People scan read websites, if the benefits of using your services cant be seen pretty much straight away, then people are going to be leaving your website.

Are all the benefits of the using you over a competitor clear? Is there too much waffle? As soon as there is any confusing about what you do or how you can help then the visitor isn’t going to hang around.

Do I answer all the questions customers usually have? Have you explained how you are going to solve them straight away? Are you too busy banging on about you have been ‘established since 1982’ or are you saying ‘We can solve your problem today by….’

Is the navigation of the site easy to follow? The visitor has to know what to do next in 3 seconds – Don’t invite them to ‘have a look around’. They won’t. Watch a video about this here.

Are contact details seen on every page? Everyone contacts people differently (phone, enquiry form, email, live chat, pop up etc). Make sure you have an option for everyone on each page. This is how to get better results from your website a lot quicker.

Will any single page confuse the user? Is there a certain page which would confuse someone once they get to it? If a page would confuse an OAP or small child it is no good! (Do you see the trend here – internet users have no attention span or patience).

Is the checkout / booking process simple? (If relevant) – You need to have as little steps as possible and ask for as little details as possible to stop people dropping out of the checkout process.

Do you clearly explain the value for money you offer? (not price) – Can visitors see the true VALUE you offer that competitors don’t?  Can you justify your costs quickly?

Is the headline attention grabbing? ‘Welcome to Acme Limited’ is not a headline. Tell them in one line why this is the website is what they need. Watch a video about headlines here.

Do graphics help explain benefits or are they a distraction? If they do not have a purpose, replace them with something that does. Ideally something with a call to action.

Are my claims ‘fluff & hot air’ or are they believable? Does your offer sound it too good to be true? (even if it is true). Do we have stats to prove we can do it? Do we talk about our experience of doing it for other people?

Do we have PROOF we are trustworthy? Testimonials from customers? Video testimonials from customers? Statistics? Certificates? Awards?

Can we humanise the site more? People want to work with people. Add videos of team, include social links, have a meet the team page, include photos of team, use less corporate speak and more personal wording.

Do we have a data capture form on our website to help grow our database? Sales is all about follow up. Its rare that people visit a website and buy straight away. They shop around. So try and give away information (Info packs, price lists, ebook guides, video courses etc ) in return for contact details so we can follow up with emails phone calls, texts, direct mail etc. Watch a video about follow up marketing here.

Is there a believable ‘urgency tactic’ I can use? An offer with limited stock or time? If you don’t give people a reason to get in touch today, they won’t.

Am I clear about the main purpose of each page? Is there a call to action on EVERY page? Are you telling them exactly what you want them to do? (Fill out a form, click to this page to find out more, call this number etc). If you don’t tell them – they won’t do it!

Can we answer questions INSTANTLY? We recommend live chat on every website. The person’s interest has usually gone by the time you reply to an email. Live chat lets them get answers straight away while they are interested. Watch a video about the benefits of live chat here

How can I take away the risk of purchase away from the customer? Can we add a Guarantee policy, a guarantee seal, a warranty or monthly payments? Even testimonials help remove the risk if we can prove we have done it for other people.


If you would like to watch a video with our MD David Roberts talking you through the website conversion checklist click here.

Work out what your website needs and start updating it asap! By making the changes above is how to get better results from your website

Website management is included in the Yellow Marketing Programmefind out how to get a full marketing, digital, social, video and design department here.

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